We set ourselves apart from the office dealer market by offering a complete package of     products and services with excellent value, business integrity and experience dating back 
    to 1986.

    Consider Design Integrity, Inc. as a valuable resource for expert space planning; 
    creative interior design; and a competitive purchasing services for flooring, wallcovering 
    and furnishings. 

    Our services are as complete or limited as necessary for the project while helping to     coordinate the myriad of decisions required in putting a successful interior together. 
    In addition to our comprehensive services and products, we feel we set ourselves apart     from other interior firms and dealers by making available our years of experience, our     excellent values and our business integrity.  

    We know business interiors.  We help to create efficient and good looking work spaces     including space planning, interior design, all furnishings and all finishes and materials.

    Whether your need is to update the efficiency and image of an existing office space, 
    or design and furnish a new office space, we can assist you with practical and creative     solutions.

    Our firm provides the personalized service of a small interior design firm with the     capacity of a large office furniture dealership.  We also provide interior finishes and the     installation of the finishes (wallcovering, carpeting, etc.) on most of our projects.  

    Our clients enjoy the “one stop shop” opportunity that our office provides.  And 
    because we buy direct from the manufacturer, our clients also enjoy very competitive     pricing. Our products include systems furniture, seating, filing, desks, wallcovering,     carpeting, window coverings, desk accessories and artwork.  

    We enhance and add to the contributions offered by your architect and contractor in     creating a great looking and great working business environment, while also guarding your     interior dollars.  Consider involving us early for the valuable space recommendations we     may have during the planning process.