INTERIOR DESIGN:
            Includes the creation and development of interior themes,
            coordinated color schemes and the specification of all materials.  
            We create from scratch or update existing and tired interiors.  
            We select and coordinate the right furnishings and materials for 
            the task at hand.

            SPACE PLANNING:
            Efficient space use, including partition layouts and furniture 
            planning is where we excel.  We thrive on solving tough space             planning problems and maximizing your expensive square 
            footage.  Involve us early when your space is still pliable.  

            We're experienced in the specifying of desks, systems (modular) 
            furniture, seating, conferencing and training room furniture, filing, 
            mail room furniture, church and classroom seating. We can specify
            only, or specify, purchase and install.

            We select and specify commercial flooring, wall covering and             window treatments. 

            We specify only, or specify, purchase and install. 

            We offer a purchasing service that saves our clients time and             money. We buy directly from the manufacturer or distributor 
            and pass the savings along to our clients with a minimal markup.              Our clients have come to enjoy the “one stop shop” ability of our             firm.  ​Once we’ve earned your trust through our planning service, 
            we continue by overseeing and managing the entire purchasing
            and installation process.